We offer bed bug control services to the greater Phoenix area

Bed bugs are infamous hitchhikers, catching a ride on almost anything from luggage to clothing to furniture. They feed on warm blooded creatures including humans. Even five star hotels can have bed bug infestations and even though sanitary practices can play a role with any pest infestation, having bed bugs is not a reflection of being clean.

How Is Bed Bug Treatment Done?

Anyone can acquire bed bugs. Absolute Bed Bug Control has years of experience administering bed bug treatment, and we carry out many treatments year-round for residences, small businesses, hotels/motels, and anywhere else these pesky bugs may be. Your treatment will be planned specifically for your property, and we’ll do your treatment in accordance to a tailored-fit strategy.

Absolute Bed Bug Control will begin by doing a full inspection of the property. You’ll receive a recommended treatment plan after we’ve done the inspection. If you decide to push through with the treatment, your inspection fee will be added to the bed bug treatment fee.

You’ll need to get your home or property ready for the treatment, so we can’t usually treat your property on the exact day as the inspection. You probably wouldn’t have time to perform the preparation. We’ll provide you a preparation sheet so you’ll know precisely what you need to do before the bed bug treatment.

After you’ve allowed us to do the treatment, we’ll arrange your appointment. For a commercial property, we’ll make sure to provide you with an efficient treatment, while diminishing the disruption of your business. We’ll go over the treatment method with you to ensure you understand what and how we’ll be doing it.

Bed Bug Control Treatment

Bed bugs will hide in tight corners so we have to be really meticulous when we treat your home to eliminate them. It takes time to perform the extermination effectively. We’ll do the job as swiftly as we can, but we have take the needed time to kill all of the pests. We value your understanding of the time required to do the job right.

Do you think you might need the assistance of bed bug exterminators on your property? Call the experts at Absolute Bed Bug Control for fast and efficient bed bug extermination service. We take pride in the expertise of our technicians, and we are committed to providing you with the best bed bug treatment possible at a very affordable price.