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San Diego Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is an expensive process. If not performed correctly, it ruins the structure. Don’t let that happen to your home. Contact the professionals at EZ Dry Flood Damage today. We are a top-ranked San Diego water damage restoration company ready for your call day or night.

Does insurance cover water damage?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Water damage is part of the coverage afforded to you in a standard homeowner’s policy. Should your home sustain damage, reach out with your carrier, and file a claim. The specifics of your plan guide you on reimbursements and any other requirements your provider has.

Most carriers cover water damage that occurs as a result of leaks and damage done by sudden emergencies. An example of an unforeseen emergency is pipes bursting. Policies don’t cover water damage arising as a result of homeowner negligence. Keep this in mind if you neglect any repairs needed in pipes, ceiling, roofs, etc.

Home repair costs of areas prone to flood damage

If you procrastinate or don’t take repair suggestions seriously, here are some numbers to consider. These figures are the average cost of repairs from water damage.

  • Water removal service – The cost to pump water from an affected area ranges from $500-1500.
  • Drying services – For a professional company to use their high powered drying fans averages around $2700.
  • Damage to drywall – This estimate for this repair averages around $7500.
  • Mold removal service – Like all other repairs, the size of the space, and the amount of mold are factors in pricing. This service can cost as much as $6000 based on those factors.

These prices just cover damage to the structure. These prices do not take into consideration damage done to furniture, carpets, and other additions to the home. Our well regarded San Diego water damage restoration company provides our customers with all of these services.

How can I be proactive with home repairs to prevent this?

Prevention is always the ideal solution to any problem. Be proactive and follow these simple steps, so you do not suffer the headaches associated with water damage.

  • Clean your gutters – keeping gutters free of gunk and debris prevents backup, which leads to issues.
  • Maintain any vegetation on your property – vegetation is beautiful but also a threat to pipes if left growing out of control. Tree branches pose a danger to your roof.
  • Disconnect outdoor hoses – if you forget to turn off your hose, you can flood your property or home. When the temperatures are freezing, that hose is a giant chunk of ice that presents other flooding issues.
  • Check your appliances regularly – in doing so, you get ahead of leaks before they occur.
  • Get known leak repaired immediately – do not delay in repairing leaks to your home. Small leaks become big leaks which, in turn, become floods. And insurance companies do not pay for water damage caused by your failure to correct a known issue.

Do not wait any longer! Contact our team of professionals at EZ Dry Flood Damage today! Let the best in San Diego water damage restoration experts help you.

San Diego Water Damage Restoration