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Lakewood Exterminating is a preeminent pest exterminator in Rocky River, Ohio, with advanced equipment, eco-friendly solutions, and a team of friendly and competent professionals. Here are the top five instances when you should call a pest exterminator:

  1. Mice droppings in the kitchen, deck, or portico

Finding mice droppings on the floor is a sure sign that you have a mice problem, requiring you to call for professional pest control near Rocky River for an immediate property inspection. Make sure to look behind the microwave and in your kitchen's nooks and crannies, garage, basement, and storage loft, as these are common rodent hideouts. Chewed food packaging or upholstery could also warn of the presence of rats in your house. That's when you need to call a reputed and experienced pest control company to handle the issue before it gets out of hand.

  1. Unusual behavior by house pets

If you find your dog or cat sniffing the kickboards or scratching your floorboards recklessly, it could signify the presence of a rat or cockroaches underneath. Rather than trying DIY pest control products, we recommend hiring one of the best pest control companies to tackle the situation effectively. Finding a solution fast can save extensive future property damages and protect your family against pest-related health problems.

  1. Food overrun by ants

If you have ants at home, they will sniff out the uncovered leftover food or dirty dishes and form colonies to carry it away. Take a walk around your garden or lawn and look for ant colonies. Remember that ants can travel long distances looking for food, so make sure to call a professional Rocky River ant control service provider to clean your property fast and effectively.

  1. Getting sick

If you find yourself sneezing or dealing with itchy, runny, or blocked nose or asthma attacks lately, it could be due to an allergic reaction to cockroach droppings or bed bug bites. Asthma attacks can occur due to allergens such as mice hairs, insect droppings, bedbug bites, etc. In such cases, you need to hire one of the best pest exterminators in Rocky River, OH, as soon as possible to examine and address the pest activity in your house.

  1. Listen to the Walls

Ants are the most common house pests in Ohio. Homeowners in Ohio often face issues with carpenter ant infestations and rarely find any meaningful solution to their problems themselves. Carpenter ants are particularly active at night and prey on the wooden structures in your house. Make sure to call a Rocky River Ohio ant control provider as soon as possible to prevent the ants from compromising your structure's integrity. Only our professionals can provide you with an effective solution to even the most severe pest infestations.

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