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Call Safe Earth Pest Control in Rowlett for high-quality pest eradication at an affordable price. If you’re dealing with an infestation of any kind, including rodents, cockroaches, fire ants and house ants, termites or other insects or pests, make the call to the experts at 214-321-BUGS.

Local residents and business owners depend on Safe Earth Pest Control in Rowlett because of their experience, expertise, service, attention to detail, flexibility and appreciation of local business. As a locally owned and operated business with exceptional rates, Safe Earth Pest Control assures Rowlett residents that they will treat your home just as if it were their own.

Call for a free pest control inspection of your home or business and let the experts get to the bottom of your problem. If you have a cockroach issue, it’s best to call in the pros at the very first sign of cockroach activity. Being omnivores, cockroaches love to scavenge kitchens and areas like the pantry where they may find and feed on crumbs, package glue or other tidbits. Since they also require water to live, they thrive in a kitchen or bathroom area where there may be leaking or pooling water.

There are multiple types of cockroaches in Texas, the most common being the German and the American cockroach. German cockroaches are a highly invasive species that are very difficult to get rid of once they make their home in your building.

German cockroaches are small roaches, adults being about a half inch long, with color that ranges from yellow-brown to brown with two black stripes that run the length of their thoracic shield. They’re the most common cockroach in the US. German roaches require professional test control in your Rowlett home, office building or business since if you happen to catch a glimpse of one, you most likely have a few hundred of them that haven’t been spotted yet.

American cockroaches, or Palmetto Bugs, are the latest of the home-infesting roaches, with adults being an inch and a half to two inches in size. American roaches differ from German roaches in that they possess fully formed and functioning wings with which they are able to fly, unlike German roaches which can glide at best.

Common in Texas, American Cockroaches are generally only seen singly, walking across a wall or across a carpet, however, when there is one, there is always the chance that more will come or are already there.

Safe Earth Pest Control in Rowlett can manage your cockroach problem in the safest way possible, with treatments that are not only safe around your children and pets, they are also very effective in dealing with infestations of cockroaches.

Regardless of what type of pest issue you are dealing with, Safe Earth Pest Control is able to take control and eradicate pests from your home and set up a maintenance program so they don’t come back. Call 214-321-BUGS to schedule a free inspection of your home or business and rest easy knowing the professionals are on the job.

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