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Des Moines is the capital and most populous city in the south-central state, Iowa, a land locked state in the United States. It is nicknamed the Hawkeye state. It is bothered by the Raccoon River that flows into the Des Moines River. With a large population comes a pest.

Pests are disease-causing plants or animals that have a harmful effect on humans, their living space, and property and foodstuff. Pests can be naturally induced or man-made as a result of untidy environs. We have different kinds of pests, from the very popular mosquito to ants, bedbug, cockroaches, rodents and other crawling animals.
We at Janssen pest control uses the IPM- integrated pest management system, having a full understanding of the various kinds of pest and how to efficiently get rid of them.

We don’t treat all pests as same but study them to know the best way to eradicate them completely. One of the most common pests in Iowa that tends to be a serious problem is ants. They are a nuisance to homeowners, especially in the springs and summer months. These creatures range from the very tiny “thief” ant to the larger species, the carpenter ant, capable of growing three-quarters of an inch. They are usually driven out of their hole by the heat and are attracted to sugar. They invade wooden structures by excavating the inner part to build their nests. Others include bedbugs and mosquitoes.

At Janssen, we hate pests but love our customers and their environments, as a result, we use environmentally friendly services; nontoxic approach and EPA approved pesticides when necessary.

Janssen pest control service is one of the best pest-free guarantee exterminator in central Iowa and its environs. We also provide pest control services for Ankeny, Urbandale, Johnston, West Des Moines and other areas with our residential and commercial pest control solution. This service includes our canine bedbug detection method. With over thirty years’ experience in the pest control services and numerous accolades to show for it. Janssen is the number 1 neighborhood exterminator. A Janssen pest service is also known as the Hawkeye pest control as we have a good eye for locating and eliminating pests.

At Janssen pest control, we understand how our customers feel about pests; hence we have online site and content giving our clients an insight into our past treatment histories and analysis reports. We also have easy and convenient ways for clients to pay their bills with mouthwatering discounts giving you great value for your money.
Janssen pest control is locally owned. We are your neighbors, so we handle each pest control services like our own home because we are part of the community. At Janssen, you can rest assured that you are getting professional customer service, no gimmicks or foul play.

Janssen technicians are educated on the entomology of these pests and have a better understanding of how to eliminate them effectively. We at Janssen realize the need for you to get rid of pests and we are working hard at being the best. Pick up that phone and dial 515-519-3744 or fill out our form to request service to rid your life of pest forever.

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